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What Exactly To Post on Social Media: A Small Business Guide

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

There is absolutely no reason why any COVID-19 surviving, apocalypse triumphing business owner or entrepreneur does not have social media for their business. Yes, yes, maybe you run this fancy law firm and you’re generating billions of Rands every month in revenue and you don’t need to run massive Facebook ads like other ‘normal’ businesses but, you may still need social media to drive brand awareness for possible new employees, to showcase your business’ social impact work and to give people a sneak peek into what happens behind the scenes of your super successful firm.

Social media is a key marketing aspect of the contemporary business landscape. With over 3,48 billion people actively using social media worldwide, social media marketing and a discernible social media presence are a must-have for most brands today. Social media presents businesses with a large pool of potential consumers and an opportunity to strategically present their brand to consumers and stakeholders. Why does social media matter so much for new and existing businesses?

  • 1 in 3 internet users search on social media first when they are looking for information about a product or brand.

  • 66% of social media users in the US (2020) have indicated that negative reviews deter them from completing a purchase from a company or brand.

  • The average person spends 2 hours and 23 minutes on social media platforms on a daily basis.

Social media is a powerful tool when used correctly and proper execution of a well-researched social media strategy can result in tons of new revenue for small businesses. But where should you begin? What content should you post? How do you appear authentically as a business owner but professional and dependable as a business?

The general rule of thumb is to provide value to your audience, educate and then sell. Generally speaking, 1/3 of your content should promote your product or service, 1/3 should share industry insights and educate your audience and the last 1/3 should engage directly with your audience.

We have detailed a variety of different types of content you can post on your personal or business social media platforms in accordance with the general rules.

Types of Content You Can Share on Social Media

  • Blog posts

If your business wants to be regarded as a thought leader, blog posts are the way to go. They help your business expand its thought leadership to social media. Information never goes out of style; old blog posts can be reshared – extending their mileage and engaging your recent followers.

  • Case studies and testimonials

Since social media is a platform for self-promotion and shaping or changing people’s perceptions of you, testimonials would work well. Testimonials from customers show how much your company is loved and how your product or service makes people feel. To make them interesting for social media: they could be printed case studies, customer quotes turned into a visually appealing image or a testimonial video.

  • Behind-the-scenes looks

Social media followers are drawn to brand accounts that share behind-the-scenes content; this feels like exclusive access. Behind-the-scenes photos and videos assist in humanizing your business and making people feel more connected to your brand. You could share glimpses into your product or people.

  • Infographics

Infographics enable you to share long or complicated pieces of information in an easily understandable, eye-catching manner. Infographics – whether in video or photo format help your brand add variety to its social content.

  • Quotes

Visual interest can be driven using quotes placed on images. A major advantage of quotes is that they are quick and shareable. You can use famous quotes or opt to share insights on the business and industry from your company’s leadership.

At Something About Francis, we help businesses and brands find and keep their ideal clients online. We are innovative, creative, and exceptional marketers who ensure that your business dominates the online and social space with kick-ass strategy, killer content, and tactics that convert leads into clients.

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